Author Caroline Leavitt on Literature and Litigation: “My Life in Lawsuits”

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caroline leavitt

Everyone knows the lawsuit story about The Help, right? Kathryn Stockett was sued by a family housekeeper, more than a year after Stockett gave her the book to read. The housekeeper claimed that despite the fact that this was fiction, her likeness, image and stories were used without her permission. Because the housekeeper had known about the book, and because her right to sue was past the statute of limitations, the court threw the case out.

But still, there’s that question: Who was right? Who really owns a life?  No one lives in a vacuum. We are all bumping up against and being impacted by other people all the time, and to really tell our stories, sometimes we have to tell a little of theirs, as well.

Fiction, of course, is safer than non, but still, it can’t save you from threats. My very first novel was my very…

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When You Need a Haircut

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Until I got a married, I never realized how difficult it is for a guy to find the right barber to cut his hair. All I knew  was when I found a good hairdresser, I was willing to travel across the City to get to her and I wouldn’t divulge her name to anyone. After all, when I needed an appointment, I didn’t want to be on a 6-weeks waiting list.

Each time we moved, it was a challenge to find someone in the neighbourhood who could cut men’s hair well. Hubby’s haircut isn’t anything elaborate or fancy—just a simple short trim on the sides and back, the top left a bit longer resulting in a nicely shaped head.

When we lived and worked close to the downtown area, there was a barber along our route. Jack was fresh out of barber school and eager to please. Short on the sides…

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All Worn Out

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Tired of dancing

to move to your beat,

weary of the struggle

to keep up with the brilliant monkey mind,

I will instead~

walk at my own pace,

and listen to the rhythm of my heart.

©annettealaine 2014

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I Know She Wants Me Back, But…

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“If your head says forget it / but your heart’s still smoking
call me at the station / the lines are open”
–Joni Mitchell

 Today’s forecast is for a 30% chance of showers in the mid 50s, with the Fall foliage just a couple days past peak.

Actual conditions on October 5th, twenty-three years ago: ditto.

In 1991, October 5th was a Saturday and I was driving north in the rental, everything I owned—not nearly as much, way back then—rattling around in the back of the truck, nearly drowning out the radio.

I’d driven almost completely out of range of my long-term Saturday afternoon radiolove, Ruth Eddy, who’d always play whatever I called and asked her for and, while we waited for it to come up on the playlist, we’d chat. I’m not sure it was flirting, but it was something.

The last I heard from Ruth, the radio crackle…

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50 Ways Editing Will Drive You Insane (Part 2)

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[Part 1]

6.) You will edit a paragraph to utter perfection and move on to the rest of the story, smug and satisfied. Only to find 3 more major grammatical errors in that “perfect” passage during your final read-through two days before you’re scheduled to hit publish.

7.) Despite revising about eight gajillion times before you begin editing, you will still, every time, run into at least fifteen different scenes where your characters suddenly break their established personalities for no identifiable reason whatsoever. And the best part? Your plot will be so tight and polished by the time you notice these inconsistencies that you will be at a total loss for how to fix them.

8.) You will discover, during your final round of editing, that you have consistently used the wrong homophone…for 12 different words.

9.) You will also discover, during that same round of editing, about 177 different

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50 Ways Editing Will Drive You Insane (Part 1)

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1.) You’ll edit the beginning 25 times before you edit anything else because you’re under the impression beginnings are super-duper important. You’re correct, for sure. So, hooray for working so hard to perfect your story opener. Too bad you’re doomed to totally rewrite it on a whim right before you publish the book.

2.) You’ll seek out all instances of those “bad words” you keep reading about in writing advice, like “just” and “that”, only to realize after deleting them all that half the sentences you “fixed” sound clunky as hell without the so-called filler word. So then you’ll have a choice. Try to rewrite all those sentences to be “stronger” (and perhaps fail) or put all the words back in you just deleted.

3.) You’ll go an anti-adverb crusade because online writing advice told you to, only to realize that 1) most of your adverbs actually contribute to your descriptions…

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Wednesday Roam – Hello October

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I have nothing much new to write so this is just a rambling status update as we go into fall. I am amazed at the calendar…how does it do that? Here we are on the threshold of Autumn wondering where the time want….how can summer desert us? I thought we were friends. Well, she’ll come crawling back…she always does.

In the meantime, I have things to do. A certain medication (a statin) I’ve been taking for almost 25 years has turned on me. The doctor ordered me off of it and now I have 8 or 9 doctor and PT appointments between now and early December. I should have complained about it earlier but I didn’t so now I need to get back on track. Statins are wonder drugs but they can mess you up if they start to have certain side effects. I’ve been off for almost a week and…

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Objects May Appear

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Objects may appear closer than they appear:

She sits on the side of the road~

arms wrapped around her knees,

head bent,

shoulders heaving.

The white Cadillac idles on a side street,

passenger door propped open~

the driver walks to the road,

steps gingerly towards her,

arms outstretched in supplication,

as they grow smaller

in my rearview mirror.

©annettealaine 2014

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Author Spotlight with Eva Lesko Natiello

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TMB headshot

Today I am excited to welcome Eva Natiello to the blog for an Author Spotlight. Eva is the author of The Memory Boxa dark, psychological thriller (think Gone Girl). Eva writes in a genre that I normally don’t read, but I picked up her book because we share a copy editor. I couldn’t put the book down, and I’m excited she is on the blog today.

Let’s start with a brief introduction. Tell us a little about yourself your novel The Memory Box.

Let’s see, I grew up in New York and went to school at SUNY Albany where I studied psychology. After I graduated from school I moved to the Bahamas for my first job as a singer. Eventually I moved back to New York and worked in the cosmetics industry as a communications and p.r. executive. It was never in my master plan to write…

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A Pair

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If had a sister, she would be taller than me.

And older, I’d be the curvy one.  She’d be the long legs, straight up and down one.  Her hair would be darker, longer and not as thick as mine.  Her eyes would be rounder, bigger, with more green, actually her eyes would be green.  She would love her feet and have an obsession with Chapstick and bracelets.  My sister would hate the rain.  She’d have a dimple too.

If I had a sister, she would have a party laugh, love cheese, and always eat the olive first from her martini.  She would have a foul mouth just like me, but she would try to control it.  Just like me. She would sit on the counter too much and tell painfully long stories.

We would dance.  Talk our ears numb, people watch, bitch and hug.  She would like the movies, but different movies than me.  We would tell each other all the things everyone…

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