Woven Fabric

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We went to Handel’s Messiah last weekend.  I’m completely in love with our symphony’s conductor.  He moves his whole body, lets the music flow through him.  He’s not just a tux and a stick.  He’s more and I like that.  Plus his name is Tito, so there’s that.

We go to Handel’s every year.  I’m not religious, but it’s a tradition and I like that too.

Some years it’s too warm in whatever church was chosen.  Those are usually the years I wear the scratchy sweater.  Some years the dinner before isn’t very good.  Most years we are late, and as we are running from the parking lot, Michael is dragging me in my “not so great at running” heels while he curses that we should not have had dessert.

I remember one year when my son was about eight, he wasn’t feeling well when we left the house and half way…

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A Nightmare Author Reading Saved by Rachael Ray

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Last night I had a nightmare that I was at the Cornelia Street Café to do a reading from my novel. I stood at the microphone on the small stage in front of a packed house. I had just been introduced to the audience, and in the wane of the applause I was horrified to discover I had forgotten to bring my book. In a panic, I rummaged through my handbag in front of everyone. No book. In fact, my bag was virtually empty. How could I leave my house with an empty handbag? Terror mounted as the patrons settled into an attentive quiet. All eyes were on me. Sweat began to spew from my every pore. The reading was to last twenty minutes; what was I to do? I took one last futile look into my handbag and found one single sheet…

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I love pens. I especially like pens with ornamental or novelty heads at the end. I have a few that are squishy so in those moments, when the pen is willing but the paper is blank, I can get inspired squishing the alligator’s head so that his cheeks and eyes bulge alarmingly. It doesn’t really inspire any great thoughts, just creates a bit of distraction. I also have a pen that, if you bash it against the palm of your hand, its green bulb flashes on and off—another distraction for a few seconds. My favourite had a goblin head but it fell off one day when I was writing like fury. The replacement pen with the squishy monkey-head with pink rubberized hair wasn’t quite the same.  And the weight of the head made the pen top-heavy so that writing was a chore. My bug-on-a-leaf pen is cool but it feels…

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Falling Hem

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Our Christmas tree fell off the roof of our car.

Things are rarely as I envision them, but this, this was a first.  It rumbled, tugged, and then fell right off.  Tree flying in the rear view mirror, Griswold, but not funny, not a movie.  This has never happened and I of course wonder if it is some kind of a sign.  Maybe we should just call it a year, climb back into bed with a few good books, and wait it out.

Every year we do the same thing.  We get dinner out, go to the Moon Valley Nursery Christmas tree lot.  They give out little candy canes.  It’s fun, usually.  We argue over the best tree, pick out a good one, and two strapping young men carry it to our SUV, hoist, and tie.  We tip.  We are good tippers, every year.

Once the deed is done, we go for coffee or warm drinks, although two of my…

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Still Saying It

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…and we’re not likely to run out of breath any time soon


Just because John’s been gone for 34 years today, doesn’t mean the message is any less vital.  War is over if you want it to be.

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On a Train from Norwich to Cambridge

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The day is grey and very, very still, self-contained in drowsy introspection.  But maybe it’s not sleeping at all but quietly meditating, plotting an event, contemplating crafting its next miracle.

The fog is blurring the silhouette of the trees, like pencil drawings rubbed with a ball of cotton wool.  The dark green tops blend in with the pale grey fog and, in the distance, the horizon merges with the never-ending East Anglian sky.

We pass a field with pigs.  Pale grey and black ones, ears twitching, eating something off the ground.  There’s a sow with large, dangling udders.  I think of what they are intended for – to nurture life, and feel slightly queasy at the thought of all these pigs being especially bred for human consumption.  Especially bred.  The phrase has something metallic and unnatural about it.

Further, there are sheep grazing in an enclosure.  Meek, dependent, accepting. …

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A Lone Leaf

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The boss in on vacation,
enveloped by the warm humidity of Vietnam.

We receive the call from the buyer’s assistant.
The deal has been closed.
Texts back and forth to confirm.

Not much will change, or at least at the outset.

I look out through the window of his empty office,
in darkness, the only light coming from the outside.
I stand and look at the city covered in gray and white,
rain patterning down,
trees scattered along bare sidewalks,

As I look, I see there a bare tree with one lone leaf not its own,
caught in its branches,
holding it there until it blows away.

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Black Bean Casserole

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Two of my favorite recipes to prepare are from the Moosewood Restaurant Low-Fat Favorites cookbook: Black Bean Chilaquile and Blender Hot Sauce. I love the colorful freshness of the casserole, and it’s nice to eat a vegetarian meal and not get any complaints or questions about where the meat is–It’s so delicious that hubby doesn’t even notice that it’s meatless.


The recipe for the Black Bean Chilaquile calls for layering the salsa into the casserole before going into the oven. I prefer to layer it without the salsa and spoon the salsa over the individual servings. We always have leftovers and it prevents the dish from becoming too soggy. I use regular cheese rather than low-fat. I also blanch the spinach first, set that aside, then after a quick rinse and dry, use the same pan for sautéing the onions and warming the other ingredients.

For the Blender Hot Sauce…

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Snow day

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Free-range egg

Non-gmo white winter wheat flour

Flax seed

Organic maple syrup


Big, fluffy snowflakes.


Slippers (or house shoes, or your favorite socks).

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Six Word Saturday

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Eagerly Awaiting Linnet’s Wings, Winter Edition


I just received and approved a request from Oonah Joslin, a Writer / Contributing Editor at Linnet’s Wings, to use my poem “Outside The Inn ” as the subject of her analytical editorial in that journal’s (upcoming) winter edition.  Oonah was kind enough to send me an advance copy of the editorial, entitled “Why I Love ‘Outside The Inn’ by Ron. Lavalette” and, frankly, it totally blew me away.  Oonah is a very discerning and honest reader/editor, which makes any positive comment from her extremely valuable and gratifying to any writer that truly cares about the craft.

Don’t worry; I’ll steer you there again when the Winter Issue, containing Oonah’s editorial, is published. Meanwhile, whether you’re familiar with them or not, you won’t be disappointed to check out the current and archive issues ofLINNET’S WINGS.


Life, six…

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