A Lone Leaf

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The boss in on vacation,
enveloped by the warm humidity of Vietnam.

We receive the call from the buyer’s assistant.
The deal has been closed.
Texts back and forth to confirm.

Not much will change, or at least at the outset.

I look out through the window of his empty office,
in darkness, the only light coming from the outside.
I stand and look at the city covered in gray and white,
rain patterning down,
trees scattered along bare sidewalks,

As I look, I see there a bare tree with one lone leaf not its own,
caught in its branches,
holding it there until it blows away.

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Black Bean Casserole

Originally posted on rebbthoughts:

Two of my favorite recipes to prepare are from the Moosewood Restaurant Low-Fat Favorites cookbook: Black Bean Chilaquile and Blender Hot Sauce. I love the colorful freshness of the casserole, and it’s nice to eat a vegetarian meal and not get any complaints or questions about where the meat is–It’s so delicious that hubby doesn’t even notice that it’s meatless.


The recipe for the Black Bean Chilaquile calls for layering the salsa into the casserole before going into the oven. I prefer to layer it without the salsa and spoon the salsa over the individual servings. We always have leftovers and it prevents the dish from becoming too soggy. I use regular cheese rather than low-fat. I also blanch the spinach first, set that aside, then after a quick rinse and dry, use the same pan for sautéing the onions and warming the other ingredients.

For the Blender Hot Sauce…

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Snow day

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Free-range egg

Non-gmo white winter wheat flour

Flax seed

Organic maple syrup


Big, fluffy snowflakes.


Slippers (or house shoes, or your favorite socks).

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Six Word Saturday

Originally posted on Scrambled, Not Fried:

Eagerly Awaiting Linnet’s Wings, Winter Edition


I just received and approved a request from Oonah Joslin, a Writer / Contributing Editor at Linnet’s Wings, to use my poem “Outside The Inn ” as the subject of her analytical editorial in that journal’s (upcoming) winter edition.  Oonah was kind enough to send me an advance copy of the editorial, entitled “Why I Love ‘Outside The Inn’ by Ron. Lavalette” and, frankly, it totally blew me away.  Oonah is a very discerning and honest reader/editor, which makes any positive comment from her extremely valuable and gratifying to any writer that truly cares about the craft.

Don’t worry; I’ll steer you there again when the Winter Issue, containing Oonah’s editorial, is published. Meanwhile, whether you’re familiar with them or not, you won’t be disappointed to check out the current and archive issues ofLINNET’S WINGS.


Life, six…

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October’s reads of a (slacking) pedometer geek

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The year is in its final quarter, but most of my New Year’s resolutions are intact. I have only abandoned one, that of finishing a needlepoint piece that I have owned for over thirty years. I hope to resurrect that one next year, but I digress. This post is about those I have continued to work on.

The first resolution is to put more steps on my pedometer. As a pedometer geek, I strive to regularly record 10,000 steps each day. The reality usually falls a bit short, and October was no exception. In fact, this pedometer geek slacked off and only managed to put 183,559 steps on the pedometer during the month. Averaging a little less then 6000 steps a day, there wasn’t even a day in which I actually logged 10,000 steps. However, though, there were eight days of aerobic steps totaling 11,450 steps. This means that I…

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Formerly fearless

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Years ago, I worked for the National Park Service as a law enforcement officer.

I was 20 years old, stood 5’4″ tall, and weighed 106 lbs. I was hardly menacing. The first year I worked there, my arm was in a knuckles to armpit cast, which prevented me from qualifying to carry a firearm. I could have been a dead-eye shot with one hand, but reloading would have been difficult.

When scheduling permitted, I hiked the park with Marty, the snake man, who kept track of the park’s rattlers. I fought forest fires. I helped kids my age who rolled their cars off the side of the mountain and fell from 50 foot cliffs.

I’m now afraid of blobs of fat travelling to my brain, causing a stroke, after hip replacement surgery.

Go figure.

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Shoe Shine

Originally posted on From the Laundry Room:

A few months ago, I posted my lament that many of the men in romance were…an odd combination of alpha and librarian that I did not recognize in any world, let alone the real one.  Alys, recommended that I read The Rosie Project and it’s wonderfully off center hero, Don.  I read it, loved it, and last night I added the follow up The Rosie Effect to my Goodreads list.  While I was there, I started reading some of the reviews for The Rosie Project.

What do readers mean when they say, “This story was predictable”?

The phrase has annoyed me for some time and it really grates on me when it comes to romance.  When readers choose a romance, when they take a break from Dan Brown, and decide to read Nora Roberts or Julia Quinn, what are they thinking is going to go on in the book?

Romance, by it’s very…

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Against All Odds

Originally posted on Virginia's World:

Don’t just be there, be committed.
Dedicate yourself wholeheartedly.
Remember that patience is a virtue.
Latch on to hope.  Don’t give up.
Genuinely care without expecting anything in return.
Believe that every attempt is worthwhile and if it falls short be okay about it.
Consider seeing it through the end before you decide to walk away.
Validate the object of one’s affection personally and professionally.
Make room for a BIG heart.  It’s the best option.
Fight for what you love.
Eat cupcakes.

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How soon we forget the pain of the last marathon

Originally posted on We Run and Ride:

Running conversationI run and ride with people who are both conservative and liberal. Always have. Always will. Sometimes politics comes up in conversation. Sometimes it doesn’t. The run or ride is what’s important at the time.

Here’s the interesting aspect of all this however. It was once said by Olympic marathon champ Frank Shorter, and I paraphrase, that the only reason you would ever do another marathon is because you’ve forgotten how badly the last one hurt.

Of course there are people who are gluttons for punishment. Who run marathons every weekend and live happily ever after to tell about it. But I doubt they race at the level at which Frank Shorter competed.

Marathoning has become commodified, part of a cult of accomplishment that in many ways confuses completion with quality.

70s-era marathoner Bill Rodgers once branded much of what he saw in the burgeoning marathon boom “graceless striving.” He later walked that statement…

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Kindle Countdown Deal for THE MEMORY BOX

Originally posted on Eva Lesko Natiello:

photo by Seth Dodson

photo by Seth Dodson

Don’t quote me on this, but someone just told me that you can get the Kindle version of The Memory Box today for only $2.99. That’s crazy. All the thrills, chills, twists and turns for $2.99?? AND the shocking ending?? Well, no. Sadly, you don’t get the last chapter for that special price of $2.99. But still, that’s a great buy. Only kidding! Of course you get the last chapter! But sadly, that’s ALL you get. You don’t get the beginning. Or the middle. But still, that’s a freaking amazing price. Only kidding! Of course you get the whole dang thing! The thrills, chills, twists, turns, AND the shocking ending. Now that’s what I call an unpassupable, freaking amazing great deal. AND did you know that you can read a Kindle on any device? Yes. Yes you can. Just download the Kindle app. And…

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