1. – An essay I read at the Trans Spectrum Conference, St. Louis 11/6/2015

Source: 1. – An essay I read at the Trans Spectrum Conference, St. Louis 11/6/2015

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Much Depends on Dinner

Originally posted on One Tomato Production:

When you make a big mistake, a lapse in judgment, a move that is distinctly beneath you and it is one hundred percent certain that whatever happens, one or more lives, probably your own, most definitely your own, along with several lives for which you are directly responsible, will be affected and not in a good way, what do you do?

In my case, you go home and drink the cheap Zinfandel you bought but don’t particularly like (thin and a bit bitter, not unlike the interactions of the day), and cook. This is what Ruth Reichl and her gorgeous new book My Kitchen bad wineYear taught me: when in doubt, cook. Actually, I already knew that. But Ruth reaffirmed it.  She and her book came along at the exact right moment, a moment when I needed that best friend to say “Girlfriend, you crazy. But it’s nothing that a glass…

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Mine eyes

Source: Mine eyes

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Mine eyes

Source: Mine eyes

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Mine eyes

Originally posted on Thom on the Tangent:

In the past 5 weeks I have seen:
Cities give way to plains, give way to hills, give way to lakes, give way to rivers, give way to oceans.
Ivy, give way to grass, give way to kudzu, give way to Spanish Moss.
Boats from Minnesota, Idaho and New York, give way to ships from Panama, Liberia and China.

I have seen
Sparrows and Finches
turn to Egrets and Eagles
turn to Seagulls and Pelicans.

Hemlock to Oak to Elm to Cypress.

Bass become trout become carp become catfish become porpoise.

I have seen:
Kayaks that a child could carry and ships that blot out the horizon.
Ship whose anchors alone weigh more than all of the cars I have owned…combined.
Tiny outboard motors to engines as big as houses with pistons the size of swimming pools.

I have seen barges which carry the bits and pieces that build cities…

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About Trans Bodies And Their Care

Source: About Trans Bodies And Their Care

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Shanah tovah

Originally posted on Box o' Ducks:

Each morning, I remind myself, as if in answer to a young child, there have always been, and still are, mean-spirited people.  We must coexist with them, even though we do not share their beliefs or condone their actions, with the reassurance our own convictions will protect us from their influence.

Those who don’t celebrate Rosh Hashanah, can, and must, still have hope. In the forthcoming year, I will strive to let my better self govern my interactions with those who challenge, provoke and antagonize. I will disagree, when necessary, and agree, when appropriate.

Each day will be a new opportunity to promote goodwill and peace.

Best wishes.

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The Care and Feeding of a Transgender Person

Originally posted on A Public Me:

Last night I turned on my tv.  I waited for the customary 10-20 seconds before my mess of electronics caught up with my desires and started displaying the current program on the channel whomever watched it last left it.  Comedy Central.

Shouted (or so it seemed because the sound was turned up) into my living room was this:

Person one –  “Just because he was with a tranny doesn’t make him gay.  You were with a tranny.” [canned laughter]

Person two (a woman) – “Yeah, I think he waited ’til she had her dick cut off before he banged her, so it doesn’t count.”

It went downhill from there resulting in Danny Devito’s character making a quip about gay marriage that was so tired and overused, I’m too bored to repeat it.

Then I turned the channel, muted the tv and logged into Facebook, where there was a discussion about…

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Cold Rinse

Originally posted on From the Laundry Room:

I’m going to miss summer fruit.

I live in the desert, so I never miss summer.  I don’t look forward to her arrival and when summer leaves it takes all my lady-like manners not to flip her the bird.

But her fruit, I love her fruit.  Peaches, all the different kinds of plums, nectaries, blackberries and watermelon.  I’m serious about watermelon.  Pretty sure if there was just a trace amount of protein in watermelon I could live on it.

Oranges are fine and I do look forward to all the apples and baking, but summer fruit is my favorite.

It’s funny how something can be so yuck, but make something so yum.

I am not a summer girl.  I don’t even like the sun, which is weird because I’m a Leo.  I should worship the sun.  Yeah, no thanks.

I’ve never understood the allure of waterparks or hanging out at the pool.  I don’t care…

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Originally posted on Writer's Cramp:

Trumpet flower calls

and the hummingbird responds

the moon sees it all

This has been quite a year for hummingbirds. I can’t guess how many I have around the house…and almost in the house.  They are a marvel and a joy to watch but this year, with all of our rain, we have a lot more than usual. It’s getting sort of ‘ho-hum’ in some respects. Where I moved from we had only one variety. If it was a hummingbird it would be a Ruby Throated Hummingbird…period.  Here, in the New Mexico desert, we have four or five types and I still can’t identify them after two years of trying.

If I sit outside on the front or back portal it won’t be long before I have a visitor. One visitor brings another and then there is an aerial acrobatic fussing match. The little hummers are very territorial or else…

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