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I am a writer.

When asked, upon meeting someone new, “What do you do?” these four words are tough for me.  Lately, I’ve been wondering why.

“I am a writer,” sounds silly, whimsical, not quite, “I’m a circus performer,” but close.  They are fine words, even great, when I am in front of my computer, or when I close my eyes at night and wonder what the hell I’m doing.  I tell myself, “I am a writer.”  It’s what I do, but it doesn’t seem to ring glorious and confident out in the world, the real word.

The declaration, “I’m a writer,” is often met with, “Ah…” or “Really!?”

See?  Sort of the circus performer or the ballerina response.

After the initial surprise, the next step is what I call The Legitimizer.  People need to know if I am really a writer, a legitimate writer, and that always revolves around…you guessed it.


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Rate Yourself As A Mom On A Scale of 1 To 10

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photo by Alio Viera

The other night at dinner, I sat at the kitchen table with my teenage daughter. Some nights, “family dinner” means just us two. I’ve been getting used to making dinners that are easy to scoop out and reheat in a flash. Teenagers are here one minute, gone the next. And I’m just referring to the dinner hour.

My daughter has always loved to ask the hypothetical questions. The “what-ifs” and the “what would you dos.” And as philosophical as they may be, she likes her hypotheticals quantifiable. She likes answers that are in percentages, or on her famous “scale of 1 to 10.”

Between forkfuls of asparagus risotto, she asked, “What if someone asked you to rate yourself as a mother? What would you say, on a scale of 1 to 10?” read more

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My New Book!

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Welcome to “Prayer Beads on the Train!”


I am very excited to announce the publication of my second collection of stories written on the MTA – the New York Transportation Authority, also known as the bus and the subway.

It is available for purchase here on Create Space and here on Amazon

And I will be a featured writer on the monthly We Heart NYC Writers night at The Parkside Lounge in Manhattan on April 9, 2015. If you come by, I can sign your copy of the book!

I am also the author of “A Marshmallow on the Bus” which is on sale at the NY Transit Museum Shop and Q.E.D. Astoria.

Look at it this way, now you’ve got something fun to read on your morning commute.


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Rankings, Reviews and Rewards, oh my

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photo (2)

What a week it’s been for THE MEMORY BOX. To my astonishment and squealing delight, it achieved the ranking of #1 on Amazon Kindle for American Literature! That lasted a few days which provided enough time for me to bask in the sunshine of this incredible honor. Also, at different times this week, it ranked #1 in Psychological Thrillers and Contemporary Women’s Fiction. This, of course, means that THE MEMORY BOX found lots of new readers this week and many have already left their thoughts on Amazon. If you are one of those people, thank you so very much for taking the time to do so. All of them are very important to me. A few from the last couple of days:

“Holy Moly.”

“This book made me paranoid to ever Google myself again.”

“My heart was pounding through the entire book.”

“An ending that will shock you.”

And my…

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Spring Has Sprung

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It seems that 90% of Canada is suffering through the worst Winter ever with blankets of snow and ice and blizzard conditions, while here in the “Banana Belt” of Canada, we have had an early Spring since late January.

My hometown of Victoria, British Columbia, situated at the southern tip of Vancouver Island, is enjoying a notably mild and warm Winter. Our only complaint in January were the days of cold and damp, often accompanied by that pesky rain–either spitting, drizzling or a horrendously heavy downpour—alternating with a day or two of sunshine. By early February, the downpours became light drizzles and the first of the early bulbs were poking their green shoots above ground. By mid-February, the mini-daffodils, the snowdrops, the crocuses: buttery yellow, creamy whites and gorgeous purples were taking over boulevards and front yards. By late February and the first week of March, the plum trees, the ornamental…

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Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung.

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The bulbs know

The bulbs know.

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Baucis and Philemon

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P. and T. kiss in public.  A swift, light peck on the lips, so full of tenderness and respect.  T. squeezes P.’s hand and he holds it, drawing strength from its warmth and reassurance.  I watch them in awe.  They are a handsome couple.  Tall, slim, with undeniable presence.  There is something unique about them.  A beauty I can’t put my finger on.  A quality of being fully alert, fully in the present, fully alive.  The beauty of survivors, of those who have grown a garden full of flowers despite life’s storms and gales. A silvery glow surrounds them.  Silver dust particles float in the air and gently land on you if you come close enough.

At T.’s eightieth birthday party, the many children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren she and P. share have erected a marquee in the garden, because the house isn’t large enough to accommodate all those who have…

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40 Bags: Day Eleven

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February 28. 2015

When we moved into our current apartment, the place we call our house, I decided to splurge a bit and install six professionally designed closets. Our closets were all really large, but they were built in 1941 when I suppose people just hung clothes in them. We, on the other hand, put luggage and bags and shoes and boots and hiking gear and costumes, …

Well, you get the picture.

I emptied the shelves and started to toss and organize all the files of paper and sheet music I had stashed in my closet. I have a set of shelves that line the right hand side of my closet and I guess when I moved, I ran out of logical places to put things and I put them in the next best place – a completely illogical one, my clothes closet. And while I don’t just hang…

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40 Bags: Day Twelve

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March 1. 2015

Just tosses a big bag of Vogue Knitting magazines from the 1980s! I’ve knitted since then, but I never got so good at it that I could follow anything past “Beginner” patterns. And the magazines only had one “Beginner” per issue. I loved looking at the intricate patterns and the beautiful yarns, the stories of remote places to buy supplies – all that. But the idea that I could suddenly become knitter enough to manage any of those patterns is humorous at best.

My music library is coming apart now too. I finally, after almost five years, have started in on pulling out all the duplicates and Xeroxes to leave just the real sheet music. Once that’s done, I’m going to see who could use all the beautiful songs I just don’t sing anymore. German lied, French chansons, Italian songs – such fabulous stuff, but I’m done…

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