Just a Little More About Ferguson — Then I’ll Sit Down and Shut Up

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The shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson is tragic and, I think, should not have happened. I think that there were other peaceful ways to handle the situation. Even if Michael Brown was involved in the theft of a bunch of cigars from the convenience store, that is not a capital offense. I also do not condone or lend support to the rioters. They were not there for Michael.

I do support the protests as long as they are reasoned and rational and focus on the issue of law enforcement officers’ unwarranted use of deadly force. We don’t yet know the full story of what happened on that street in Ferguson. More information needs to come out and I think it will.

I don’t know what the reason is for the increased use of deadly force by police officers. I do not think it is all race based. Race is…

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About Jane Wilson

Jane Wilson graduated from the University of Michigan Law School, was a trial attorney for 25 years and has served on the faculty of the National Institute for Trial Advocacy on numerous occasions. She was an Adjunct Professor of Law at Cleveland State University for several years and served as an Interim Associate Professor of Law in the clinical program at Case Law School. In 2009, she returned to the small southwestern Michigan community where she was raised, and wrote a novel.
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