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According to my quick Google search, approximately 2.5 million people die every year in the United States.

I don’t often look at this stuff, but I’m on this “things will never be the same as they are in this second” kick and that sometimes moves me to think about the end.  A bit morbid, I know, but it’s good to notice.

Two and a half million people that, in theory, will not be here this time next year.  That feels like a lottery, random.  The top causes of death are heart disease and cancer, so there are factors that contribute to death, but not really.  I mean my Aunt Jean died of lung cancer years ago and she’d never smoked a cigarette in her life, so even disease can be a crap shoot.

Death is a strange thing to think about.  It’s uncomfortable for a lot of people, but we are all on…

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About Jane Wilson

Jane Wilson graduated from the University of Michigan Law School, was a trial attorney for 25 years and has served on the faculty of the National Institute for Trial Advocacy on numerous occasions. She was an Adjunct Professor of Law at Cleveland State University for several years and served as an Interim Associate Professor of Law in the clinical program at Case Law School. In 2009, she returned to the small southwestern Michigan community where she was raised, and wrote a novel.
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