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Surviving the London Book Fair

Originally posted on Scribe Doll:
I’ve pinned my badge to my jacket lapel: Katherine Gregor Literary Translator Freelance  United Kingdom The security man scans it.  A thin, red line crawls over it like a single spider leg.  I step  into…

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The Bulbs Know – Part Two

I emptied my parka’s pockets today, removing three pair of gloves; the 30 below-zero pair, the fleece pair, and the brightly flowered garden gloves, along with the ubitquitous crumpled (but clean) tissues. At different times during the past week, sometimes … Continue reading

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Flying Down to Rio

Originally posted on Writer's Cramp:
On sort of a whim my daughter and I spent a few hours at the historic KiMo Theater in downtown Albuquerque watching Fred and Ginger dance the Carioca in a classic old musical, Flying…

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O Happy Morning

Originally posted on In Transition:
On my morning walk, I spied a snowy white ibis, walking like a king, a flock of blue birds, brighter than the April sky, and a wily, red fox trotting jauntily down the sidewalk, looking…

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Boat Ride Blur

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