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I talk to people

Originally posted on The Right Kind of Pride:
It used to drive my wife and children nuts. My propensity for talking to people. Yet I’ve done it so long and learned so much by talking with people that I refuse…

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60 Feet Square

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Originally posted on Writer's Cramp:
It is cool and a little damp which is odd being that this is a desert. Our windy season is mostly over but the temperature has dropped and we have had a few rainy…

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There was more than a touch of mystery in my grandmother’s rugelach. When I was very young, I never sought to unravel it. My brother and I would await her arrival, plant our feet as firmly as we could to…

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London Night Sounds

Originally posted on Scribe Doll:
The rumbling of the occasional car, speeding past our house.  A murky grey sound. Snippets of human voices.  A woman’s giggle.  A crimson sound. The arrhythmic clicking of stiletto heels on the pavement.  A copper…

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FROM THE LAUNDRY ROOM We went to Strand Bookstore while we were in New York. I’d never been, first time. Largest independent bookstore in the country, I think that’s what their sign says. It doesn’t matter because whatever their small … Continue reading

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