Soul Connection


In Transition

The connection between souls

is real,

it cannot be explained,

or broken.

We meet many people.

We love many others,

but there are, in life,

a few

who are different.

We connect in mind and soul.

It is a precious gift,

to find,

one perfect shell

in a beach littered with

broken pieces.


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In Transition


is like a riptide

sucking you in,

taking you far from the truth,

to survive~

you surrender, but don’t despair

swim parallel to the shore,

until its ugly grip is released,

and you can return to shore,

bruised and exhausted


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How should I take my medication? — drugopinions

nbsmithblog...random digressions and musings

ISMP Canada has developed the 5 questions that each patient should ask about medications? Of the 5 questions, I find that proper use is one that tends to be most difficult to communicate clearly and succinctly. How to take your medication? Do you take it with food? Without food? What does it mean to take it […]

via How should I take my medication? — drugopinions

This are not my words (or pictograms), but they answer so many questions patients have about their prescriptions. Ask your pharmacist; don’t just nod your head and agree. ASK! As a pharmacist, I want patients who are aware of what their medications are, how to take them correctly, etc. Just as drugopinions, also a pharmacist, has stated in this blog post.

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Reviews are in!

The Backpack Press

Thank you to the lovely people who have written kind things about our new book!

Buen Camino! Tips from an American Pilgrim – available on Amazon, B&N, and by special order at your favorite independent bookseller.


A Small Gem Of A Guide To Walking The Camino

ByJ. Haskinson January 1, 2018

“Let me start by saying I love this book. It is interesting and informative and a wonderful read whether you are planning to walk the Camino soon, or are like me, thinking about putting it on your “Maybe One Day” list.

Anne Born’s voice is so warm and friendly it often reads like a memoir, but it is full of useful information. Anne covers everything you need to know right down to avoiding blisters and what to use if you get them. (Neosporin, Chapstick, and a nice big bandage)

She talks about why…

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An Imperfect Stitch

From the Keyboard

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 3.33.50 PM

There is an error in Shadows and Ghosts.

During occasional battles with an ongoing obsession over symmetry and accuracy, I’ve considered correcting it…but only momentarily.


In 1975, Leon Redbone released his album, On the Track, which contains a rendition Of “Ain’t Misbehavin” (lyrics by Andy Razaf and music by Thomas “Fats” Waller and Harry Brooks).

Redbone’s interpretation is slightly off-kilter: the intonation struggles in places, and there are extra beats sprinkled throughout. But I love it. Its off-balance rhythmic irregularities, the nasal grit in Redbone’s voice, the imperfect instrumental tones and pitches feel fresh and authentic.  They transform a great song into a greater one.


My mother was a perfectionist. Today we would likely say her attention to detail was compulsive. But that compulsiveness got her far, made her successful at everything she did. Although I’ve spent most of life as an unapologetic underachiever, I have…

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The Sleepwalker: A Review

The Pedometer Geek's Book Review

The latest Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) this pedometer geek reader read was Chris Bohjalian’s The Sleepwalker. This is not the first of his novels this reader has read, nor will it be the last. In fact, the first was his The Law of Similars, which was discovered (and subsequently read) when this reader was studying for a degree in homeopathy. Since then, there have been others (Midwives, The Sandcastle Girls, and The Double Bind to name a few) that this reader has read. Each has been so different, but all have been compelling reading. So, too, is this one, and this is the extended review.

The Sleepwalker

By Chris Bohjalian

Published by Doubleday, 2017

A division of Penguin Random House, LLC

ISBN: 9780385538923

The subject of the novel is a woman, Annalee Ahlberg, who has parasomnia (sleepwalking) and disappears one night. She sleepwalks all too often, but only…

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pəʊ-teɪ-təʊ, pəʊ-tɑ-təʊ

From the Keyboard

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 2.19.12 PM

Opinions. We all have them.

In the absence of empirical truth, we generally feel comfortable with our opinions, and feel justified in expressing them.

I’m no exception. I can think of a handful of writers, all of whom are regarded as masters of their craft, whose work leaves me cold. Similarly, there are dozens of musical pieces, all standards in the classical repertoire, which make me want to scream, “Make it stop! Make it stop!” As for film, there are those directors whose aesthetic completely escapes me. I’ve sat through every new, critically acclaimed release of theirs ready to give them a fair viewing, only to come away with exactly the same reaction: “Why?” And do I even need to get into art? Please.

The reality is, some creative work will always resonate, trigger the viscerally positive reaction we crave, often for reasons we might never completely understand, and others…

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Issue 5.1 – Nonfiction

Issue 5 - Nonfiction

An elastic band breaks, and in quick succession another and another and then another,stinging my fingers with their snapping, and I’m amazed to find my eyes are wet, not from the pain of the stinging, but from the pain of remembrance, that these elastics, these bits of dried and desiccated rubber have lived neglected for so many years, aged to dust within the womb of my mother’s desk.

How can a handful of rubber bands personify an inheritance of shoulds and musts and sacrificing to do the right thing above all else; a legacy of overcrowded drawers and manila files,  the sole remnants of a reality endured; a birthright of keeping the personal hidden yet secretively-neat nonetheless, like the necessity of wearing clean underwear—what if you’re hit by a bus? These corroded fragments (catalysts for the fodder of a woman’s one and only life) embrace bundles of long-paid bills…

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From the Keyboard

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 4.21.16 PM “…if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”  (George Orwell)

I’ve tended to use profanity the way many people do—as an exclamation point. Hit my head on the freezer door (freezers on the top? Not a good idea), or bang my leg on a chair? Curse.  Break a plate or glass (I am very bad with glass), knock a goblet of wine on the rug? Definitely curse. Or find a mess left by a pet? Curse, curse, curse.

On occasion, my curses have been directed inward—when I couldn’t believe I’d been dumb enough to make this or that mistake, or when I disappointed people I loved; and on other occasions, I’ve hurled them outward, generally at the TV during football games.

When I was teaching, my football curses were a convenient way to let go of pent up frustration, and the hundred times I bit my tongue to keep…

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