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Love Poems by Kathleen Lombardo

Kathleen Lombardo was a force — a phenomenally  talented poet, playwright, and librettist whose work is not only thought-provoking and innovative, but also deeply musical. My thanks goes to her husband, the composer and artist, Robert Lombardo, for allowing me…

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Dad unplugged

Originally posted on We Run and Ride:
It’s coming up on two years on October 17, 2016 that my father passed away. I served as his caregiver for more nearly thirteen years after my mother died from a combination of…

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Originally posted on chocofigbee:
I enjoy my walks in the early mornings because it is so quiet in those early hours with so much to see. This Summer, with its exceptional hot weather,  has given me morning walks throughout my…

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Paris to Rome by Train

Originally posted on Scribe Doll:
“Why can’t we take the train?” “What – all the way?” H. gives me his your-quirkiness-is-turning-into-madness look.  “It’s – it’s –” “The longest leg would be just twelve hours,” I filled in, smiling sweetly.  “If you went…

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