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Beer and Brownies

Originally posted on chocofigbee:
Hubby and I were enjoying our leisurely cup of morning coffee and half listening to CBC radio. The man on the air was interviewing the brew-master of one of the local micro-breweries. The expert brew-master was talking…

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The call to action for men on the #metoo campaign

Originally posted on Genesisfix's Blog:
She was young, pretty and employed at a growing company dominated by male leadership. Her slight foreign accent gave her an exotic appeal, and her supervisor found the combination too alluring to resist. “What…

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Who Knew?

Originally posted on Scrambled, Not Fried:
Apparently, the Eunoia Review has been around for almost a decade, publishing fine work (both poetry and prose) on a daily basis.  I don’t know how it is that I never heard of them until…

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